Is Mw3 Hack A Scam?

Is Mw3 Hack A Scam?

Our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hack has 40 features including: god mode ( never die ), teleport ( friendly and enemy teams ), and the capability to freeze players.

By jumping around in circles and continuously obstructing the enemies movement, NOBODY can kill you in god mode providing for endless hours of taunting other players. Teleport each one of enemies from the map, fly outside of the boundaries of your map, then watch them fall for their death for immediate kills!

Included as well is "force host" making you able to utilize your cheats just about every round.







Modern Warfare 3 Hack Features

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot

* Autobot let’s the bot kill for you

* AimKey hold as a result of lock to the enemy

* Visibility Aimbot, only locks on when player can be hit

* BoneScan, Find a bone going to when the player hides

* Knifebot, auto knife while in close

* AutoSwitch bot goes toward next enemy on auto

* Autoshoot fires to suit your needs

* AutoWall fires every time a bullet can check out the wall

* AutoZoom helps to make the gun zoom when aimed

* AutoProne making you go prone when being shot at

* Field Of View adjust the aimbot to see 360

* Human Aim, making you seem like your not cheating

* Aim Speed can be set to slow or fast

* Ping Correction aimbot works better during low ping

* Friendly Aim let’s the bot aim on your team

iwc-checkmarked ESP

* Name Tags, Show names of all the friendlies and enemies

* Distance Tags, show just how far away the enemy is

* Pose, shows what position the enemy is within

* Skeleton, shows the skeleton bones about the model

* Smiley Face, replaces enemy head with a giant smiley

* Weapon will show you weapons on the floor

* BoundingBox shows large box round the enemy

* Line shows a straight line by you towards the enemy

* HeadDot shows a dot in the players skull

* Helicopter shows behindbuildings and clouds, etc

* Plane shows behindclouds and buildings, etc

* Explosives shows any explosive

* Explosive warning lets you know when to run away

* Enemy warning tells you when enemy aims at you

* 2D Radar will show you enemy on a radar

iwc-checkmarked ESP

* Show Player Names

* Show Players Distance

* Show Player Skeleton

* Show All Vehicles

* See Where Players Look

* Draw Line From Enemy

* Configurable Team Colors

* Configurable Enemy Colors

* Full Object ESP

* Player Boxes

* Configurable Crosshairs

iwc-checkmarked Removable

* No Recoil, gun fails to progress when firing

* No Spread, all bullets hit dead center

bonus BONUS

* PlayerHud, have your personal hack HUD

* Draw Stats, shows your kills plus more

* Chat Spam, spam in the game

* Draw Fps, show your frame rates

* Draw Time, view your current time

* Crosshair, places a perm crosshair on-screen


Latest Features 2013

Teleport Team: Teleport the whole team anywhere

Teleport Enemy: teleport the enemy team anywhere

Teleport All: Teleport everyone to any location

Freeze Players: Ensure it is so all players can’t move

NoClip: Fly through walls out of your map, etc

God Mode: Never die, taunt players throughout the day

Low Gravity: Float whenever you jump

Force Host: Host every round of MP

Unlimited Ammo: Never reload again

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